Bengaluru had third worst air pollution among Indian cities in 2020.

Bengaluru emerged as the third worst city in India to be affected by air pollution in 2020 with 12,000 estimated deaths, according to a Greenpeace Southeast Asia analysis. 

Delhi fared worst with 54,000 such estimated deaths followed by Mumbai at 25,000 deaths. 

Greenpeace said these numbers were reached using live air quality data collected by IQAir, an air quality monitoring technology provider. The tool also quantifies economic cost due to air pollution on a real-time basis.

Globally, approximate 160,000 deaths have been attributed to PM2.5 air pollution in the five most populous cities of Delhi (30 million), Mexico City (22 million), Sao Paulo (22 million), Shanghai (26 million) and Tokyo (37 million), it said.

These mortality and cost estimates are based on the total impact attributable to PM 2.5 over a full year. Daily figures are calculated by apportioning the annual costs day by day according to each day’s recorded pollutant levels. 

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