Man survives taking 40,000 ecstasy pills, sets new narcotics world record.

A UK man likely set a new narcotics world record after he consumed 40,000 ecstasy tablets over nearly a decade — and lived to tell the tale.

The extreme drug binge was originally documented in 2006, but is currently blowing up online after MDMA garnered “rave” reviews among medical experts as a potential post-traumatic stress disorder remedy after a “Phase 3, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial” by doctors at the University of California San Francisco and New York University.

The study was significant as, up until that point, little had been “known with respect to the relationship between both severity and persistence of these disturbances and lifetime number of ecstasy tablets ingested”.

According to the report, the 37-year-old raver, known has Mr. A, took MDMA heavily from age 21 to 30 after getting really into the “club scene.” Also known as Molly, “MDMA acts as both a stimulant and psychedelic, producing an energising effect, distortions in time and perception, and enhanced enjoyment of tactile experiences,” which has made it a popular designer drug at nightclubs, according to DEA.org.

The Surrey native started off taking five tablets every weekend, before upping his regimen to 3.5 pills a day for the next years. He then bumped that number up to an “XXX-L” daily dose of 25 tablets, which he would take for the remainder of his freelance drug trials.

Source: www.news.com


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