2022 NATO Summit.

NATO Leaders gathered in Madrid, Spain to discuss important issues facing the Alliance. The Madrid Summit has set NATO’s strategic direction for the future, ensuring that the Alliance will continue to adapt to a changing world and keep its one billion people safe.

Summit in summary

  • Who: Heads of State and Government from NATO's member countries and key partners
  • What: Discussed the most pressing security concerns of today and tomorrow, and endorsed NATO's new Strategic Concept
  • Where: Madrid, Spain
  • When: 29-30 June 2022
  • Why: To make sure that NATO continues to fulfil its key purpose and greatest responsibility: ensuring collective defence for its member countries and keeping our one billion people safe

Key Decisions

  • 2022 Strategic Concept
  • Strengthened deterrence and defence
  • Investing more in defence
  • Support to Ukraine and other partners at risk
  • Adapting the Alliance to emerging challenges
  • Finland and Sweden membership
  • Challenges from the south
  • Reaffirming NATO's common values
Source: www.nato.int


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