11 July 2021

World Population Day - 11 July.

World Population Day on July 11th focuses on balancing a healthy human race and planet.

The pace of population growth places reproductive rights and gender equality at the forefront of sustainability concerns. As the population grows, the demand for resources increases as well. While areas of the world enjoy open spaces and room to move, others are overcrowded.

The United Nations Development Programme’s Governing Council created World Population Day in 1989. On July 11, 1987, the population day was prospected in the public attention, i.e., the Five Billion Day, or the estimated day when the world’s population surpassed five billion people. Meanwhile, the day was further commemorated by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1990 with Resolution 45/26.

In 1994, during the International Conference on Population and Development, governments and UN agencies set forth goals.

  • Providing universal education
  • Reduce infant and child mortality
  • Reduce maternal mortality
  • Provide greater access to health and reproductive services
The theme for World Population Day 2021 is “Rights and Choices are the Answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritising all people’s reproductive health and rights."



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