30 July 2021

Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, hotspot, and more

Tesla has started to push a new software update to its fleet, and it’s one of the bigger ones with several new features, including Disney+, Car Wash Mode, hotspot capability, and more.

For years now, Tesla has been leading the auto industry when it comes to over-the-air software update capability.

Much like the smartphone industry, the automaker regularly releases software updates with new features and UI improvements to the in-car and ownership experience.

Often, those software updates are quite small and only add a few barely noticeable improvements, but now and again, Tesla does push some bigger updates with many new features, and today we have one of those.

Tesla started pushing a new 2021.24 software update, and it includes:

  • Disney+ - With this Disney+, Tesla has now integrated all of the main streaming services.
  • Car Wash Mode - A new Car Wash Mode to help with the experience at a car wash:
  • Mirror Auto Dim - Tesla is now enabling to activate and deactivate the auto dimming feature.
  • Dashcam improvements - Tesla has an integrated dashcam system that utilize the onboard Autopilot cameras around its vehicles to record events.
  • Range display - Small update to the ways you can display your battery capacity:
  • Remain connected to Wi-Fi in drive - Tesla is enabling the use of Wi-Fi hotspots when driving
  • Languages - Tesla has also added three new language options in this new update: Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian.


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