31 July 2021

Greenland’s vast ice enough ice melted on single day to cover Florida in two inches of water.

Greenland’s vast ice sheet is undergoing a surge in melting, with the amount of ice vanishing in a single day this week enough to cover the whole of Florida in two inches of water, researchers have found.

The deluge of melting has reached deep into Greenland’s enormous icy interior, with data from the Danish government showing that the ice sheet lost 8.5bn tons of surface mass on Tuesday (27) alone. A further 8.4bn tons was lost on Thursday (29), the Polar Portal monitoring website reported.

The scale of disappearing ice is so large that the losses on Tuesday (27) alone created enough meltwater to drown the entire US state of Florida in two inches, or 5cm, of water. Ice that melts away in Greenland flows as water into the ocean, where it adds to the ongoing increase in global sea level caused by human-induced climate change.

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