18 July 2021

U.S. House committee passes EAGLE Act that includes pro-Taiwan bills.

A United States congressional committee on Thursday passed the Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement (EAGLE) Act, a legislative package that includes several bills aimed at bolstering the diplomatic, security and economic ties with Taiwan.

The EAGLE Act was passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee by a vote of 26-22, following four days of debates and votings.

The act was introduced by Democratic Representative Gregory Meeks, chairman of the committee, on May 25 to "revitalize and reassert U.S. leadership, investment, and engagement in the Indo-Pacific region and globally" to counter China's growing ambitions.

In the EAGLE Act, several pro-Taiwan bills have also been incorporated, including the Taiwan Diplomatic Review Act, Taiwan Peace and Stability Act, and the Taiwan International Solidarity Act.

One of the clauses in the Taiwan International Solidarity Act notes that the United Nations (U.N.) recognition of the People's Republic of China (PRC) did not address the issue of Taiwan's representation at the U.N., nor take a position on the relationship between the PRC and Taiwan or Taiwan's sovereignty.

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