14 July 2021

Filmmakers, activists call for climate efforts in Cannes.

Documentary makers and environmental activists including British teenager Bella Lack on Sunday said they hoped to inspire more efforts on climate change, including through several films with hopeful messages presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

The world’s biggest cinema showcase is back after a 2020 hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has this year highlighted productions with an environmental focus in a special selection.

The festival, which has attracted people from around the world, including big hitting Hollywood stars like Adam Driver and Matt Damon, has also tried to cut back on waste, using some hybrid or electric cars to shuttle people around and replacing its red carpet, which it used to change three times a day, with recycle-friendly material, organisers said.

The world of film could also be an example in other ways, said 18-year-old activist Lack, who appears in Animal along with chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall, in a documentary by Cyril Dion shown at the festival.

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