International Day to Combat Islamophobia - 15 March.

In 2022, the United Nations established the International Day To Fight Islamophobia, which is observed annually on March 15 across 140 nations. March 15 was selected as the date because it marks the anniversary of the Christchurch mosque massacres, which left 51 people dead.

The UN has approved a resolution designating March 15 as the International Day to Fight Islamophobia, which was put forth by Pakistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The resolution was passed three years to the day after a right-wing fanatic attacked two mosques in New Zealand with a bomb, killing over 50 Muslims. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) had 60 member states, and the UN General Assembly approved a resolution that declared March 15 to be the International Day to Fight Islamophobia. The statement emphasises that no religion, nation, civilization, or ethnic group should be linked to terrorism or violent extremism. It urges an international conversation about fostering a culture of peace and tolerance based on adherence to human rights.

What is Islamophobia ?

Islamophobia is a fear, prejudice and hatred of Muslims that leads to provocation, hostility and intolerance by means of threatening, harassment, abuse, incitement and intimidation of Muslims and non-Muslims, both in the online and offline world. Motivated by institutional, ideological, political and religious hostility that transcends into structural and cultural racism, it targets the symbols and markers of being a Muslim.

Source: https://www.un.org


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