Tesla Cybertruck might have become the best-selling electric pickup truck in the US.

Tesla Cybertruck might have become the best-selling electric pickup truck in the US. If it wasn’t last quarter, it looks like it will be this quarter.

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t break down its sales by model. The lack of transparency is frustrating as it makes it harder to track the health of its vehicle programs. Tesla is virtually the only major automaker to do that.

For Q2, the automaker confirmed deliveries of 21,551 “other models”, which include Model S, Model X, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi sales.

However, we have a better idea of Tesla’s Cybertruck deliveries in Q2 because of a couple of recalls.

With a few recalls last month, Tesla confirmed that it had produced 11,688 Cybertrucks as of June 6.

A previous recall confirmed that Tesla had produced 3,878 Cybertruck as of mid-April.

This is a difference of about 7,800 Cybertrucks. If you subtract a few for the last few weeks of April and then add a thousand or two for the rest of June, it is safe to assume that Tesla delivered between 8,000 and 9,000 Cybertrucks during the second quarter.

In comparison, Ford delivered 7,902 F-150 Lightning in Q2.

GM delivered 2,196 Silverado EV, which is not too surprising as it is still ramping up production of the newer electric pickup truck. GM also confirmed 2,929 Hummer EV pickup trucks and SUVs delivered in Q2.

Finally, Rivian, like Tesla, doesn’t break down deliveries by model, but it did disclose that it delivered 13,790 vehicles in Q2. R1S and delivery vans undoubtedly account for the majority of deliveries, and therefore, R1T electric pickup truck deliveries are certainly below 7,000 units and most likely closer to 4,000 units.

This could mean that the Tesla Cybertruck is now the best-selling electric pickup truck in the US.

Source: https://electrek.co


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